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Electrotherapy Books

We are offering some excellent old books  on High Voltage Electrotherapy as e-books  in Adobe Acrobat Reader format on CD-rom. These rare books were published in the first two decades of the Twentieth Century and are now in the public domain. They delve deeply into the lost electro-healing techniques of the early 20th Century using Tesla based devices and many others. These books are very hard to find and I believe the knowledge they contain is quite useful and should be made available to those who want it. I personally possess and have used many of these devices. Although modern medicine likes to call these therapies "quack" I have found them to be highly effective and useful.

Handbook Of Electrotherapeutics: Illustrated 240 pages. William Dugan, M.D. $15.95


High Potential And High Frequency Currents. Illustrated 196 pages. Dr. William Snow M.D. $15.95


Electrotherapeutic Guide Illustrated 456 pages. Homer Clark Bennet MD $15.95


Notebook Of An Electrotherapist Illustrated Mel R. Waggoner, MD 173 .pages. Illustrated $15.95


Practical X-Ray Therapy Illustrated 256 pages. Noble M. Eberhart MD $15.95


Any three books on one CD $29.00


All five books: on one CD $51.00




Key Benefits

bulletEasy to use
bulletExtremely readable text with magnification options
bulletRare and hard to find material


Description SKU # Price
Individual sku-1 15.95
Any Three sku-2 29.00
All Five sku-3 51.00



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