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Colloidal Gold Machines





Titan 7000 Colloidal Production Unit

Titan 7000 Colloidal Gold Machine


1. Precision microprocessor controlled digital timer with a large L.E.D. display.

2. Main Power Switch and indicator light.

3. Timer Activation Switch.

4. Red High Voltage energized indicator light.

5. Green timer mode indicator light.

6. One all-glass 2 gallon batch container for silver,copper, and gold. One special electrode system for gold.

7. Rugged case .

Operating Voltage: 120 volts ac


Shipping Weight: (Two parcels) Main Unit- 95 lbs. Accessories- 25 lbs.

Price: $3995.00 plus shipping

Titan 4000 Colloidal Silver Unit 

 This unit will make colloidal silver in two gallon batches.  

Price $2995.00 plus shipping. Telephone orders only



Gold Electrode Set of Two 4" $60.00

Copper Electrode Set of Two 6" $10.00

Silver Electrode Set of Two 6"$15.00

Key Benefits

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Description SKU # Price
Titan 7000 sku-1 3995.00
Titan 4000 sku-2 2995.00
Gold Electrodes Set of Two sku-3 60.00
Silver Electrodes Set of Two sku-4 15.00
Copper Electrodes Set of Two sku-5 10.00
Replacement Batch Container sku-4 80.00




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