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Radionic and Psionic Instruments



Crystal Psionic Scalar Wave Amplifiers, Plates, and Wells These are the most powerful subtle energy amplifiers available.

Large Laser Stimulated Crystal Psionic Scalar Wave Amplifier $1250.00

This unit has inputs or outputs to connect to a radionic tuner, well, rubbing plate, etc. The case is constructed of oak. The crystals will vary in appearance. 

Uses laser stimulation and scalar wave technology to amplify radionic rates and patterns. The unit can also be connected to a function generator or audio source. Using this device will greatly reduce the time your device needs to have its intended effect.

Small Crystal Psionic Amplifier and Rubbing Plate $950.00

Laser stimulated scalar wave amplifier and rubbing plate. This is a very powerful subtle energy amplifier for psionic and radionic instruments. IIt also serves as a rubbing plate.  Constructed of solid oak.

Scalar Wave Psionic Amplified Rubbing Plates $850.00

Powerful scalar wave subtle energy amplifier for use with a radionic instrument. Provides a very powerful amplified output for a psionic or radioni instrument. BNC Connectors and banana inputs/outputs.  Solid oak construction.

Large and Small Amplifying Wells

Large Well 7" Inner Diameter

Small Well 4 Inchs Inner Diameter

Mirrorod Top and Botom

Powerful internal Scalar Wave pick-up Coils


 Key Benefits

bulletPowerful psionic Laser stimulated crystal amplification with oak case
bulletCovered Mirrored amplifying  wells with oak base
bulletAmplifying Rubbing Plates with oak base


Description SKU # Price
Large Crystal Amp sku-1 1250.00
Mirror Wells For Crystal Amp sku-2 100.00
Small Crystal Amp sku-3 950.00
Large Scalar Field Well sku-4 375.00
Small Scalar Field Welll sku-5 350.00
Scalar Field Rubbing Plate sku-6 850.00




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