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Compliant Antenna Modules/Coils







 Our new combination plasma wave and copper  ring resonator optimized for deeply penetrating radiant energy waves. The specially designed glass tubes contain a unique combination of noble gasses that generate  beneficial plasma-waves  in addition to em waves.


8 Plasma Tube Resonator  


Coil Module 

For optional second antenna


Replacement Plasma Tubes 

Easily to replace plasma tubes for the above resonators.


Optional Resonator Stand  


Call for Pricing

Key Benefits

bulletPowerful Multi-wave output
bulletPlasma wave technology
bulletAttractive design integration


Description SKU # Price
Lakhovsky Compliant Parts    
8 Plasme Tube Resonator sku-2 $399.00
 Coil Module sku-3 $599.00
Replacement Plasma Tubes sku-4 $30.00
Optional Stand sku-5 175.00




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