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The Lakhovsky Compliant  MWO




LLC-1 Large Lakhovsky Full Replica Multi-wave Oscillator

This is our full sized replica of the original Lakhovsky MWO. It has the same sized power supply, spark gap design, coil base frequency, and and antenna design as the original.  The case is made of oak.  One antenna/coil module  is attached to the case, the other is on a stand. The black plexiglass control panel has a power dial, current meter, switch and timer. The spark gap control knob is on the front.


Call For Pricing-715-946-3318


Plasme Tube Attachments

The plasma tube attachment is connected to the ring modules to add the plasma wave output to the antenna.

Foot Plate

This can be plugged into the unit to connect the body to the circuit.


Spiral Energy Wand

This unit is in resonance with the unit and is used to localize and concentratethe multiwave energy on specific parts of the  body.

Plasma Wand

This device has a plasma tube that attaches to  the machine and provides localized plasma waves.


For current prices, please call 715-946-3318.  Our machines are custom built to order and we accept a  non-refundable deposit when the unit is ordered, with the balance due upon completion.  



Shipping is by USPS and the charges are based upon the location, and the postal rates in effect when the units are shipped, and may be

more or less than the rate quoted when an order is placed.


  Description SKU # Price
    sku-1 Call
    sku-2 Call
   LLC-1 with Lexan antenna sku-3   Call
  LLC-1 MWO with  cord antenna sku-4 Call
  Plasma Array Attachment For antennas sku-5 Call
  Foot Plate Option sku-6 Call
  Spiral Energy Wand sku-7 Call
  Plasma Wand sku-8 Call






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