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Lakhovsky Museum


Vortex Past



George Lakhovsky and the first Prototype of the Multi-wave Oscillator From the 1920's


Lakhovsky Clinical MWO


Lakhovsky Clinical Multi-wave Oscillator in use on a patient


Another similar model of the Lakhovsky Multi-wave Olcillator

Pictures of the Original Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillators Built in the 1930's.



Original Lakhovsky MWO from which our data was taken



The Original Coil  Module and Rings from which our data was taken.


Lakhovsky Unit from the early 1930's

Newer Lakhovsky Clinical Model from 1938

Lakhovsky Portabble with Petite 11 ring antenna


Large Lakhovskyi Unit with Plasma Wand

Lakhovsky 12 Ring Antenna

Another Lakhovsky Model

Lakhovsky and his Machine

Lakhovsky MWO from the 10930's 

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