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We are now making the Replica Lakhovsky Multi-wave Oscillators , based upon the Original Design.

These units are built according the the technical data obtained from an actual working unit that was taken apart and studied to obtain the details of the inner construction. 

They are made available as historical replicas of the original machines, and experimental Tesla Devices, and no claims are made or implied as to their usefulness as therapeutic agents. We advise anyone with health problems to consult their medical care provider for help or treatment.

What Constitutes a Lakhovsky Compliant MWO?

There are five components that must be present.

1. Antenna Rings: The antenna rings must be the same lengths as the Original and be made of tubing and wire.

2. The Coil Modules: They must be horizontally attached directly to the antennas and be the same size as the Original.

3, The Spark Gap: This must have  the same unique design concept as the Original.

4. The Base Frequency:  The resonant frequency of the Coils must be the same as the Original.

5, The Circuit Design: This must be the same as the original. Lakhovsky used a unique resonant circuit configuration.

We are the only manufacture to comply with all five design parameters.


Models in production 

LLC-2 Full Scale Lakhovsky Compliant MWO: This unit is a replica of the Original with similar  power, coil design, and two

 12 ring antennas. Plasma tube attachments are also available.






Company Profile

InSpiral Technologies is a leading innovator in  multi-wave oscillator technology.

Our unique combination of attractive oak cabinets and powerful oscillator designs are only available through us.

We are currently the only company to provide actual complete replica Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillators.

Our Vortex devices have been available since 1999 and are in use by satisfied customers around the world.



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